Cosori Pro XLS II Smart 5.8 qt. Black Digital Air Fryer with Pizza Pan


  • Smart functions: connect your air fryer to free vesync app to access smart features such as voice control and cooking updates on your phone
  • Customizable presets and shake reminder: optimize presets by selecting and saving your own time, temperature, and shake reminders for consistently perfect results
  • 12-cooking functions: preheat your oven, choose from steak, chicken, seafood, bacon, vegetables, toast, frozen foods, bake, french fries, and shrimp presets, and enable a shake reminder with touch of a button
  • 85% less fat: air fryer makes food with up to 85% less fat than traditional deep-fryers while maintaining same delicious fried flavor
  • Cook faster: air fryer’s high-speed air circulation cooks food faster and with crispier and tastier results than a traditional convection oven
  • California residents
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